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10 Truth Everyone Must Accept In Life: Because People Will Always Be People

1. If you are Introvert (i.e don't talk much), People will say you're shy.

2. If you are Confident & believe in yourself, People will say you're arrogant.

3. If you are Rich, People will say you are in love with money.

4. If you are Poor, People will say you don't work hard enough.

5. If you are Athletic or a Sport person, People will say you're addicted to the gym.

6. If you are Skinny, People will say you have no discipline to go to the gym for body build-up.

7. If you are Smart, People will tell you to get a real-life outside of the library or book.

8. If you are Beautiful, People will assume you are dumb, shallow, and live on the surface.

9. If you are Successful, People will assume you exploit others and cheated the system.

10. If you are Healthy, People will say you are lucky to have good genetics.

People will always talk, so don't just live your life to please others.

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