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How it feels to be in love.

In a healthy relationship, it feels like heaven.sometimes, it looks too perfect to be real but yet it is real.

One thing about love is all about you falling for the right person although that right person may not be that perfect to others but to you that person is just so perfect.

When you fall in love with the right person, you experience a great feeling.You loving someone that loves you back, someone who understands you although no relationship is perfect or exists without misunderstanding but when you are in love with the right person, that misunderstanding will make you stronger.

When you love the right person, that person will never want to see you get hurt , that person will always be there for you, that person will be there to protect you, that person will kinda feel jealous when he or she notices others trying to flirt with you(its a normal feeling for lovers though, it happens sometimes).

Sometimes you end up asking yourself if you can stay a day without that person.That is the feeling of love and what its like.

if you have experienced this kind of feeling before, please throw more light using the comment section.

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