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Husband and wife relationship

Tips that May Help You Remain Calm When There is a Misunderstanding Between You and Your Spouse.

Permit me to say that misunderstanding between husband and wife is part of marriage. Misunderstanding can make a couple know each other better. It can make them know how best to talk to each other as time goes by in the relationship since "we learn as we live together". For instance, if your husband talks in a manner you don't like and you make him understand that you don't like how he talked to you, he may not repeat it again because he will now know that you don't like such. The same thing applies to the wife. So having misunderstandings in marriages can help a couple know how best to treat and talk to each other.

However, both husband and wife must make efforts not to let anger get the best of them when they are having misunderstandings. One of them should learn to remain calm when the other is angry. When the husband and his wife get angry at the same time, they may take their misunderstanding too far.

I know that keeping quiet when your spouse is angry and talking to make you angry may not be that simple. But there are tips that may help you handle your emotions and be able to remain calm?

Below are tips that may help you remain calm when your partner offends youPicture Credit: Dreamstime

1. Breathe deep before saying a word. When there is a misunderstanding in the family, your wife may likely talk more and because you are angry, you may want to reply her. This can make you speak words that will hurt her. In this case, I will suggest that you take a deep breath (exhale) in such a way that it will make a sound. This will make your wife know that you are not ready to reply to her. She will also know that what she said pains you. It will also prevent you from saying things that will be too harsh on your wife.

2. Study and think over the cause of your misunderstanding. Instead of shouting at each other which will not help that much, why not use the medium to think over what caused the issue in the first place. This will help you to quickly know whether you are at fault and you will be able to apologize.

3. Know that some women say it as it is on them. Be conscious that your wife may know how to speak more than you when it comes to issues in your relationship. So, give her that moment. Once she has been able to pour out her heart through her voice, she will remain calm. It will not be good if you act base on the word of your wife. Expect her to say things you may not like and prepare to let go. She is only saying those words base on the effect of what happened on her and she will soon stop before you know it.

4. Think about the consequences. Focus on what may go wrong if you act or say things that will aggravate your spouse's anger. When you consider the consequences of acting or raising your hands on your spouse, you will be able to remain calm. A wife who considers the fact that her husband's strength and her own are not the same may not speak too much when there is a misunderstanding.

5. Hug her instead. Do you know that the easiest way to end a misunderstanding between you and your spouse is to act in the opposite of how your spouse may have expected you to act? When he/she is expecting you to raise your voice or your hand, etc. Chose to act in a way that will bring peace. Hug him/her instead of picking a fight or shouting. This can restore peace and calm your partner.

Remember, anybody can pick a fight or start shouting at his/her spouse. A man or a woman who can remain calm when his/her partner is trying to make him her happy is wise. Be that partner whose focus is to maintain peace in his/her marriage.

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