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Husband and wife relationship

9 Ways To Affectionately Tease Your Husband

Marriage is not the final stage of the game of love. There are things couples should still be doing even after they are married.

A woman needs to know the ways she can flirt with her husband so that she can keep the fire in her marriage burning.

It will make both of you feel like a boyfriend and a girlfriend again.

Don't be too occupied with house chores or your career that you forget about flirting with your husband.

Flirting with your husband is not a difficult thing to do.

1. Leave a note for him.

Write a short romantic message on a paper and put it beside his food. He will see it when he comes out to eat his dinner.

2. Touch him.

You can touch his ears or gently rub your hands on his chest. Touching your husband has a way of teasing him.

3. Whisper a romantic word into his ear.

It could be something you have wanted to tell him. This will turn him on.

4. Whenever you are in the room, play a love song for him.

Look for a particular love song that your partner likes, play the song for him, and sing along.

5. Tell him that you love him when he's not expecting it.

Find a moment that your partner is not expecting to hear this from you. Tell him how much he means to you.

6. Send him your most attractive picture.

Take a selfie that shows how attractive you look and send it to him when he's in the office.

7. Tell him how handsome he is.

Another way to flirt with your husband is to tell him words that express praise, appreciation, or respect for him.

8. Buy something for him.

Present him a gift when he's not expecting it. It can be a wristwatch or perfume. It's another way of flirting with him.

9. Wear lingerie at night.

When it's time for to go to bed, this will arouse his feelings for you.

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