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Five Ways to Prevent Your Long Distance Boyfriend From Cheating.

Many people don't believe in long distance relationship, because of maybe past experience and we can't always blame,but in a way they must have been careless in holding what's their's well.

Guys cheat, yes but there is a way to keep him.Take a look at these five ways, and hold your man forever.


When you can’t see each other face to face, email or text messages become the next best thing. Use them to your advantage and exchange personal messages as often as possible. By greeting him “good morning” and “good night”, you will give him a sense of stability and reaffirm that you belong together. “The daily greetings remind me that we belong to each other,” . Becoming a part of his daily routine will give you both a sense of closeness, even when you are physically apart. It will also help you pick up on changes to his behavior early enough that you can nip any unwelcoming feelings in the bud.

2.Be straightforward.

I’m so happy you called me.” It’s a simple statement, but to him, it confirms that your feeling towards him have not faded away. A flirtation with women other than you can start when he feels he’s deprived of affection from his own girlfriend. For that reason, it wouldn’t hurt to be extra-affectionate on the phone. “Because I can’t see her face, I feel better if she tells me that she’s happy and glad to be with me,” confesses a man in his 20s. It’s difficult to convey even the simplest message via email or text. Being straightforward and honest with your feelings is the easiest way to speak to his heart.

3.Don't distrust him.

Don't make him feel like he is not trusted by you, always make him feel like your life depends on him.With that he won't feel free to cheat on you except he doesn't have a conscience.When he feels trusted he will act freely and you will be able to scan him as he will be open to you.

4.Don't ask if he is cheating in you.

It’s understandable that you’d be concerned about him cheating on you, but when has it ever been a good idea to ask the same question over and over, which you know will not be answered directly? “She’s always doubting me and I’m starting to wonder if she’ll ever trust me,” admits a man in his 20s. Asking him if he’s cheating can have an adverse effect. You should consider the question as a last resort, and only if you feel your relationship is failing. Even if you’re dying to ask him the question, take a deep breath and tell him, “I’m so fortunate that I don’t have to worry about you ever cheating on me.” He may start to think that he’d be daft to betray such a wonderful girlfriend. It’s reverse-psychology.

5.Don't cheat on him.

Obviously there is always a chance to cheat, but put in mind that you won't take that from him,si if you don't want him to do so too, don't do it.Just imagine he gets to know..... it may be over.

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