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When Asking A lady Out, Let Her Go If She Asks You This Question(OPINION)

So I'm of the opinion a man and a woman should care for each other in a relationship. But some women feel so entitled to expect only a man to take care of them without having to reciprocate the gestures. 

It's really wrong for a woman to put the "will you take care of me?" comment when I ask her out. I instantly brandish her a red card she makes such a statement.

It is very wrong for a lady to ask such a question to a man, unless you are her father. Relation is all about understanding. 

This is common among some "type" girls, whatever their country of residence or origin.

If she wants a financier disguised as relationship, you will know from the way she throws bill at you and her expectations from you.

You are now left to use your brain to determine whether or not you're cool If you're not cool then set her free immediately, let her know that you can't continue the friendship

 Is it right or completely wrong for a woman to pop up the "can you take care of me" question when you ask her out?

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