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If You Don't Laugh A Lot, These Are Some Of The Things You Probably Didn't Know

 To laugh is to make sounds and movements of the face and body that show joy and happiness. There are lots of positive effects of laughter. 

1. Relationships last longer when you laugh

It has been proven that friends who laugh together stay longer together than those who don't. Laughter is a great way to create connections with people. 

2. You hardly fall sick when you laugh a lot 

Laughter releases an hormone that boosts your immune system. 

3. It makes you attractive

People with a great sense of humour are likeable because it makes them attractive.

4. It reduces stress

You are able to manage stress better when you laugh. The endorphins your brain releases makes you feel happy. 

5. Laughter is contagious 

You can catch laughter from someone that is laughing even if you were not prepared for it.


6. You can practise it

The brain can't distinguish a forced laugh from one that's spontaneous. Even if you have a zero sense of humour, you can begin to practise it and you will reap the same rewards. Laugh isn't about jokes. 

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