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Check The Meaning Of Fluctuate, Promiscuous, Abnegation And Other Professional English Words

The ability to speak fluent English is a very big challenge that, I come across everyday.

But I believed I am not the only one. Learn new words, everyday, practice and improvement will come on it own.

Check out the meaning of the following words below:

1. Fluctuate: is the ability of something to change frequently in size, amount, and quality especially from one extreme to another.

2. Flickering: flickering is the process by which either light or flame, keep going on and off as it shines or burns.

3. Flirting: means, to behave torwards the opposite sex as if you wanting to have a relationship with them.

4. Braggadocio: is when someone who is nothing or inability to do a particular thing; keep boasting in emptiness.

5. Algae: is a plants with no real leaves, stems and roots. Normally grow inside or near water.

6. Panting: to breathe quickly with short breath, this happened when something is after or pursuing someone.

7. Ablaze: meaning to set something on fire or to burn something like building quickly and strongly. Example: the car was set ablaze by the police.

8. Economize: to manage something even you get more than enough.

To use less money, time, food than you normally do.

9. Aberration: an action or a way of behaving that is not usual.

10: Abnegation: the act of not allowing yourself to have something that you want. To reject something.

11: Promiscuous: means having so many sexual partners.

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