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Pregnancy period

Sex mistakes people should always avoid.

Some people have intercourse without putting into consideration some of the things they do that can put their health at risk. To prevent infections and other unforeseen circumstances due to intercourse, you need to be aware of the mistakes you make during intercourse and the possible way out.

According to WebMD, intercourse mistakes people should avoid always include:

1. Unprotected Intercourse When A Woman is on Her Period. Pregnancy is very possible around the time a woman's ovary releases an egg (ovulation). That’s around the middle of her cycle. A woman is most fertile during these 5-7 days, including the day of ovulation and 3-5 days before. If a woman has a shorter menstrual cycle and she has intercourse toward the end of her period, she could get pregnant 4 to 5 days later.

2. Having Anal Intercourse to Prevent Pregnancy. A woman's possibility of becoming pregnant from anal intercourse is low however, it’s not impossible. That’s because semen can move down from your anal area to the female private area. You may as well have anal intercourse to avoid STIs, though rectal tissue is thin and can tear easily, letting infection in. Use protection every time you have anal intercourse, and use plenty of lube. Protection is more likely to break during anal intercourse due to less natural lubrication.

3. Not Getting Tested for STIs. Some sexually transmitted infections (STIs) have mild symptoms or none at all. If you always have intercourse, speak with your doctor about testing or go to a health clinic. They will take some of your blood to test or have you urinate in a cup. Doing this will help detect whether you have STIs or not, to prevent their spread.

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