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10 Reasons why you should all marry a short man

10 reasons why you should all marry a short man

Many girls will love to marry a tall or an average man. Only few will opt for short men.

Short men may may not be tall like others and are sometimes overlooked in dating game and marriage, but those who are lucky to get married to them may have found out more loyal and loving partners.

According to study, short men have been proven to make better lovers.

The study was carried out by two sociologists from New York University, Dalton Conley and Abigail Weitzman.

Below are the reasons why you should marry a short man:

1. Short men are talented, smart and brilliant.

2. You won't have to stay up wondering where they are

3.Many tall men are not gifted with sense.

4. It's so sad that people keep shaming them.

5. Short men are down to earth and humble.

6. They are so cute.

7. They love you regardless of your height.

8. They don't have financial problem because they strive to acquire wealth.

9. They are good in bed.

10. They respect their wives.

With these 10 reason listed above, I believe ladies will start giving short men opportunity to be their life partner.

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Abigail Weitzman Dalton Conley New York University


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