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Husband and wife relationship

As A Responsible Husband, Never Allow Your Wife To Do These 5 Things

The institution of marriage is one that is based on commitment and obedience, and each party need to love and respect each other very well, and we all need the Ultimate direction by God to make it a complete success.

In Nigerian societies, men are generally accepted as the leader and breadwinner of the family, in order words he makes one of the most important decisions and actions in the family. Both the husband and the wife have some attitude they have before they were married and some of those attitudes need to be put to an end once they are married.

This is why down below I'll be highlighting some of those attitudes and things you as a young man should never allow your wife to do;

1. Never allow your wife to be a sluggard or not having something meaningful to do, they say an idle mind is the devil's workshop.

2. Never allow your wife to indecently or anyway she likes, sometimes tell her things she should wear or if you see some nice clothes on a lady's body you can always get it for her to.

3. Never allow her do house chores alone all the time, you can also assist her sometimes, remember she is not your slave but your helper and companion and should be treated as one.

4. Teach her some good financial habits and never allow her borrow money from your friends or relations.

5. Never allow your wife to be a gossip, if by chance she develops that attitude later, do try your best and cation her with wisdom and don't be harsh about it.

These are just a few out if many others, I do pray that with your efforts and the help of God, your marriage life shall be blessed and will remain blessed always. Don't forget to like, share drop a comment of what you think and follow my page for more related quality articles.

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