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6 Things that makes you know he/she loves you (no.4 will make you surprised)

1. He/she's attitude changes anytime you're close

Try to observe this, when you see your partner begins to be more jovial or lively, or a little bit calm than usual anytime you're around, that's it!!!

 2. He/she tends to be a little shy when you first meet

It's common among ladies but make sure you know the difference between pretense and the actual one. Don't panic, you'd know easily.

3. He/she tells you personal matters and asks for advices

You just got yourself a partner!!. This person feels a sense of trust when they are with you. They share matters which they can't disclose to anyone else cause they feel like you've earned the right to know that. 


No matter what you look like, they always have a different view about you. Don't be shocked when you see a beautiful girl falling for any physically challenged person. They always want you, no matter what you do and they get jealous easily when they see you with another person.

5. He/she tends to always be with you

Yeah, they don't have the sense of cutting you off, no matter how hard you try. They also want to always be with you despite the zillions of friends they have, why? cause you're the special one

6. They tend to support you in the things that you do. You will always see that sense of support in them.

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