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Want to prevent your child growing up a dullard? Try this.

There are different ways in being dull. Being dull academically, spiritually, emotionally and socially. Nobody wish for any of them. Having a brilliant child makes you happy and fufilled, while having a dull child makes you feel like an investor who invests, without making a profit. Being a dullard comes in different ways. Your child may be dull, but knows how to solve a problem, knows how to differentiate between right and wrong and also knows how the world revolves around them. But some children may be dull in a stupid kind of way. They can't distinguish between right and wrong, they don't know how to pull themselves out of a difficult situations. They belief life is as beautiful as it seems to be, thus, they sometimes go astray.

For a child to grow up smart, comes from how a parent work hard in building up a smart child. A dull parent could yield a smart kid, while a brilliant parent could unfortunately, yield a dull kid. You can imagine how frustrating that can be.

But a child could grow up smart, or even a little dull but could solve a problem. When....

1. A parent teaches a child to differentiate between right and wrong. Tell the child that all that glitters are not gold. And make him know that they may be rich, but it takes a lot of work for them to get there. They may be poor, but and the child has a long road ahead of them and teach the child to learn from the parents past mistakes.

2. Build up the child academically. If you don't have encyclopedia in your home, buy to make your child know about the world. Let him know, that a child can not only learn speaking from cartoons. Get a pronouncing dictionary and teach him / her how to use it.

3. Urge him to listen and watch the news to keep up with the current affairs. Let the child know that, their is more to the outside world. We all know how some children hate to listen to news, but love anything entertaining. You just have to make the child see the positive side of it. Be persistent!

4. Make a child learn a foreign language, as it builds up their memory and make them stand out among peers and learning a foreign language is like knowing the hearts of foreigners. It is not a must to be a native speaker. You can make him learn a foreign language online like using Duolingo, rocket language, babbel, busuu and many more.

5. Teach a child to help, make others happy and love others. A child with a loving heart, would always think positively. Also tell him not to love too much, to prevent being taken advantage of. It comes in both ways!

6. Make the child realize his/ her talent and invest in it. Urge him to always indulge in positive things he/she loves to do, but discourage him/her from negative things they love doing, and could destroy their lives.

7. Make the child have a close relationship with good books. Let the child know that, A good book is a silent teacher, and should make it a life partner!

8. Teach the child contentment, as a contented child , would be able to differentiate between right and wrong.

9. Make the child know how loving, kind, compassionate, and positive God is. God should always come first in all their undertakings. Urge them to always ask for wisdom from above. It has its pecks.

10. Urge the child to live a happy life with a smiling face. They should be confident and build their self esteem. That is all they need.

Though, God created us in different ways, encourage the child to be a better individual. As God also want us to appreciate and take care of his beautiful craftsmanship.

Doing this will put a parent mind at rest and assure them that nothing could go wrong with their child, even they are not around. As they are armoured and can fight all battles!

I am also trying to be smarter everyday! And I know their are many smart people out there. What other points do you Have? Share with others!

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