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Top 5 Ways To Deal With An Abusive Partner

It is abundantly known that women frequently suffer marital abuse. Certainly, women are more likely to experience abuse from their husbands than vice versa. Even if it is a delicate statement to imply that women are more likely to be abused, it is a general reality that has been established. Because our society is patriarchal and men are typically physically stronger than women, the dilemma is made worse. Abuse can be either physical or psychological. The tips listed below will help you deal with an abusive partner.

1. Don’t blame yourself

You may blame yourself for what is happening to you or think that you did something to cause it or deserve it, but you need to remember that if your partner is mistreating you, it’s his fault and not yours. Remind yourself of this concept over and over again if you need to.

2. Counseling and seeking assistance:

It is advisable to get advice from a qualified counselor before deciding whether to stay in your relationship or end it. You might be shocked to learn that occasionally asking for support from family or friends would give you the drive to adjust to your circumstances.

3. Establish a policy of zero tolerance for abuse:

Don't let abuse affect how you feel about yourself. Do not put up with abuse, regardless of the source. Tolerating abuse is not a sign of submission; rather, it is an indication of stupidity. Of course, no one enjoys being abused, but via initial tolerance and endurance, one may gradually enable such abuse, and from there the severity increases. Establish a policy of zero tolerance for abuse. Never accept abuse as normal!

4. Journaling and speaking out:

Maintain a journal of any instances in which you believe he has been abusive to you. Set some ground rules for how you want to be treated in this relationship by talking with him. Tell him how you feel about what he did. Building bridges and maintaining open lines of communication are crucial elements in addressing abuse. What if he rejects it and assigns blame to someone else? It merely serves to highlight the fact that he requires expert guidance.

5. Save ahead or find support:

Find ways to receive financial assistance or, if you are making an income, start saving if this has been going on for some time and you have not been able to get anyone to aid you after speaking up. For your future's sake, do this action. Asking for financial assistance from family and friends who are prepared to support you in your time of need should not make you feel guilty. If a step in this direction is required, you can work on the marriage from a distance, but to begin, protect yourself by taking the modest steps you need to do.

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