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How I saved a dying boy on the road who I never knew was my son (Fiction)

How I saved a dying boy on the road who I never knew was my son

I am an engineer married with one beautiful wife we both live in my own apartment. Things has being going on well in our home we had everything we want, we could afford anything we ever wanted without minding the cost but the only thing we wished to have but could never have was a child.

 I and my wife had being married for 19years. We tried everything we could ever do to have a child but no success. We then accepted our faith and decided to live our lives as if we didn’t need a child. A time I always saw the look on my wife face whenever she saw a child running to his or her mother. I knew she was not happy because after seeing this she always wanted to be left alone. I kept encouraging her and she told me to stop that it was of no use because she was getting old.

 Some months later I was asked to go and check out a machine in another branch in another state. The work took me a while to discover what went wrong with the machine but by the third day I successfully fixed the machine and decided to get back home to my wife who was missing me already. On my way home I found a boy lying helpless on the, who I assumed could have being attacked by armed robbers. I had pity on him and decided to help the dying boy. I took him in my car and drove to the nearest hospital, paid for special treatment and gave the doctor my number to keep in touch with me then I went home. I told my wife about what happened and she was glad I helped the boy. The following day I received a call from the hospital, the doctor told me the boy as woken up and I could come and check on him.

 Immediately I and my wife went to check on him, he was feeling better and the doctor said I could take him home. Then I asked him where he lived. He told me he lived with his grandfather. We drove him home, on getting to his home to my surprise his grandfather was the father of the lady I should have married. The old man recognized me and asked me if I recognized him? I said I did the he told me the boy whom I saved was my son. His mother died when he was five years. I was shocked; i explained to the old man that it wasn’t my fault that I didn’t marry his daughter, I told him how I was threatened by my father that if I went ahead with the marriage he would disown me. But I never knew she was pregnant, that if I knew I wouldn’t have left her. 

 He told me that he had to train the boy buy himself to secondary school, and ask the boy to try to get a job and maybe later in the feature further his education. i then asked the old man if I could take my son promising to give him the best education and make him a better person in life. I made my intention known to my wife, she was happy about it. That was how I reconnected with my son who is presently a medical student in the university.

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