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10 Finish Nightmares Of Introverts: Most Introverts Can Relate

Introverts are people who are kind of shy and don't want to be noticed by people. They love to be alone sometimes and always think differently from everyone else. In this article i will show you 10 finish nightmares of introverts.

Here are 10 finish nightmares of introverts:

1. Have you ever delayed your outing because someone was outside your apartment?

2. When you're being praised by your teacher for something you did.

3. Sometimes people say they don't need help whereas they do.

4. When taking public transport and the bus is full.

5. Lol 😅😅

6. When someone moves to the sit next to him/her. You would ask yourself if you're a demon.

7. Being shy to take the first step.

8. Want to have a taste but not bold enough to say so.

9. When you have a pressing question but just answer it yourself so that you won't ask again.

10. So true

If you have experienced any of this, leave your comments below

Thanks for reading....

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