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See what people said about a guy who was embarrassed at the mall for proposing to his girlfriend

There is a popular wise saying that says that whatsoever faces a particular person would have to back another person in that linear inclination. It is in that same vein that even as the earth rotates around its axis, some part of the world would experience day-time while another part would experience night-time. Also in that orbital inclination. What is food for one can be a poison to another, even in that natural inclination.

It is in view of the above that I want us to take keen look into what people said about a recently trending video about a young handsome guy who made use of all his gut as a man-to-be, to go all the way to propose to his loving girlfirend. But to his disappointment, the equally young beautiful girlfriend of his, according to the video, embarrassed him right there at the shopping mall.

This suffice to say that not all that glitters are gold and also that where ones hope are staked at can be of a disappointment. According to the video the girlfriend was seen to have slapped the guy on two occasions even while the guy was trying to make sure that it does not go wrong.

The reactions and comments of people towards these were observed as below:

* "I know the backstory of this. That guy was actually cheating on her. She knew he was dirty from the start".

* "Do you know how many people are looking for husband even boyfriend self and his friends did nt even stand up to help him".

* " wanna be you went viral.... negatively tho..".

* "Must u propose publicly Well he got the public disgrace".

* "LMAO thank you for showing and ussam-kusser musser Killarigbo filibusser OMG!!!".

* "Na wa ooooo, unforgettable experience".

* "Y is he still going behind her and none of those ppl actually helped him out evry single person was busy taking videos and laughing at him".

* "My mate do make l do See were it has end u".

* "Wait is this real ??? Jehovah".

* "That girl can't just slap him for nothing there must be something that bring up the slap".

* "GZus".

* "Gender Equality is so sweet.....".

* "She said he cheated on her".

* "I fell for this guy even do not this kind of insult is much".

* "This is sad".

* "Dude should've been slapped for wearing that outfit. Where's the flood, blood?".

* "What did he do?".

* "She's not worth it".

* "Lucky boy".

* "Wait ooo.. Why should a man propose to a woman? . If she doesn't want to marry you, why has she be having sex with you and following you in public... What has gone wrong in our society...Tchaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...".

Please feel free to like this and also leave a comment both on the video and also about what people had said concerning the video.

Watch the video via the links below:

Inside this life, more people are excited to see someone fall than to see them achieve their dreams. Standing around them in the mall and laughing, too worried about getting their next hit tweet, 'So, this happened today in the mall'. No one cares to help someone who had fallen or someone who is falling. Only one person or none at most times would offer to help in times of trials or in times of trouble.

Please tell us what you feel went wrong with this attitude of the guy, the girlfriend and even the commentators.

Like the story and share for others too.

Thank you.

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