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3 Strong Clues That You Would End Up Marrying Your Partner

Some people go into relationships just for the fun of it, others date for some nondescript reason. However, the end product of every relationship should be marriage. The essence of a relationship lies in the readiness of individuals to accept each other as one and be keen on spending the rest of their lives together.

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The social construct of the modern-day has made it quite tough to discern whether a relationship would lead to marriage or not. The high rate of infidelity and sporadic changing of partners contribute to why people find it complicated to know whether a relationship would lead to marriage or not.

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Certain clues could suggest that a relationship would lead to marriage. The essence of this article is to identify and discuss these what lovers do that could get them married.

Here are clues that a relationship would lead to marriage:

1. They Plan Together 

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Relationships go beyond going out on dates, gift-giving, shopping, frolicking, etc. Partners who sit together to strategize and set certain goals for themselves reflect two souls that are willing to spend the rest of their lives together. It is ridiculous when people hold their partners in the dark. Denying your partner full knowledge of your business defies the significance of dating someone in the first place. Perhaps it moves to show that you don't take them seriously enough to marry them. Partners who share visions and plan together are more inclined to end up married. 

2. They Introduce One Another To Their Friends and Family

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Introducing your boyfriend or girlfriend to family members could be nerve-wracking. However, it reveals that you are willing to let them into your family. Showing off your partners to your friends and letting them into your circle establish the certainty you have for them. If someone isn't willing to show you off or introduce you to his or her family, it is most likely that the person does not have a long-term plan with their partner.

3. They Are More Than Lovers

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Marriage is one of the biggest decisions people make in life. People find it more convenient to marry their best friend who will be by their side always. Being best friends with your partner, knowing each other's ins and outs makes it difficult to break up. Being best friends with your partner is a pure mixture of agape and erotic love that becomes difficult to destroy.

What do you think about these inklings that could lead to marriage? Please like and put forward your opinions in the comment section.

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