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Man Finds Out His Son Is His Uncle, See Who His Girlfriend Had An Affair With

A man has been left devastated after he discovered that his son that he has been raising for so long was indeed his uncle.

According to the Mirror the man shared the information on social media platform TikTok saying the boy was technically his uncle because his girlfriend was having an affair with his grandfather when they were living together.

The TikTok user @stacks1400 was quoted as saying "Found out my son was really my uncle. My granddad was f***ing my girl the whole time we were staying with him."

He also suggested that his grandfather has a long history of infidelity. As he however said that he will still treat the boy as his son.

Since he shared the story, he has been getting influx of supportive comments just as others asked how did he come to discover the truth.

And he noted that he picked up his girlfriend's phone when she had gone to the bathroom, and he was amazed to discover years worth of messages, pictures and explicit content exchanged between the two lovers.

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