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5 Benefits Of Holding Your Lover’s Hand

Holding your lover's hands is a beautiful gesture that generates a variety of emotions. However, the benefit of holding hands goes much beyond this, and going by the findings of several studies, this minor act can help to reduce stress levels, ease pain and improve your emotional bond.

1. The love hormone: Holding hands helps increase the secretion of the love hormone oxytocin, which promotes empathy, trust, and even sexual activity in couples, according to a study conducted at the University of California, Los Angeles.

2. It relieves stress: Do you ever unintentionally hold your partner's hand while watching a horror movie and feel less afraid as a result? There is, however, a scientific explanation for this. A study done by Clinical Psychologist Dr. James Coan suggests that holding the hand of someone you love helps to relieve stress and makes you feel comfortable and secure.

3. It is beneficial to your heart: The power of warm contact can also assist you in improving your health. Holding hands, according to the findings of a study published in the journal Behavioral Medicine, lowers blood pressure and delivers a pleasant experience that maintains our hearts healthy.

4. It’s a pain reliever: Have you ever wondered why, when we are in pain, we clasp the hands of the person we love? Holding hands, according to multiple studies, including one conducted by the University of Colorado Boulder, helps to decrease body pain and even harmonizes people's heart and breathing rates.

5. Touch allows us to express a variety of feelings: Holding hands is a kind of nonverbal communication, and according to psychologist Matthew Hertenstein's findings, humans may communicate a variety of emotions through touch.

In this experiment, individuals were instructed to communicate their feelings to the other participant by touching them, and it was shown that 75% of the receivers correctly understood what was being said to them through touch. So, if you're having trouble expressing your actual feelings to your lover, holding hands might come in handy.

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