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3 things that might prove that a girl is in love with you

Ladies are pretty private in terms of divulging their secrets to someone they like. This explains why a girl might not tell you in an exact way things she likes in you. Therefore, in case you want to know if a woman likes you, be aware of the things she tells you.

It's easy to say whether a girl likes you or not because she'll be so unfastened with you and perhaps tells you things on a normal day she won't tell you if she doesn't like you. I will explain 3 things a girl that likes or love you'll tell you in this article. 

1. Her Age

 Ladies are always cautious of revealing their age to strangers; if a girl would not like you, she won't say her specific age. The purpose for that is that once ladies disclose their age to others, they frequently worry that it may be used against them or that they may be perceived as being too young or too old. So, if a female can let you know her actual age or maybe show you her birth certificates to confirm it. you have to understand that she likes you.

2. She will tell you about the person that is crushing on her:

Another thing a girl will tell you if she likes you is a man who's inquisitive about her. ladies believe that telling a guy that like about who's crushing on them will make the guy feel jealous and might want to trigger the guy to wooed them. She'll try this to make you to be insecure so she will take a look at your emotions if it is mutual. 

3. She will tell you about her family:

Ladies find it difficult to tell their family story to just any body and if she tells you about her family, she surely likes you.

When a lady tells you things like this, you must take it as a sign that she likes you.

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