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4 Ways To Know A Lady Is In Love With You And Not Your Money

A lot of men have the mentality that most women are only after their money and are not truly in love with them.

However, for some women, this is not always true because there are ladies who are willing to love a man with or without his money.

Although a woman will want her man to be financially comfortable, that does not mean she's interested only in his money.

Some women are ready to love a man of their dreams and build a great relationship with him without depending on his financial input to make the relationship work.

If you are thinking of spending the rest of your life with a lady, how will you know she's truly in love with you, and not your money?

A woman who is truly in love with you and not your money will do, or not do, the following things.

She Pays Her Bills By Herself

Whenever she's coming to visit you, she pays for the cost of transportation by herself. If you try to return the money to her, she might not collect it from you.

She's more interested in your relationship than any other thing you can offer her.

She Reciprocates Your Generosity

She always ensures she buys something for you too after you must have bought a lot of things for her.

She tries to reciprocate your generosity towards her because she doesn't want to be the only one collecting.

She Doesn’t Demand Money From You

Anytime there is something important she needs money to do, she doesn't ask you to give her money.

And if you promise to give her money, she doesn't demand it from you.

She wants you to willingly give it to her without demanding. She doesn't want to put her expenses on you.

She Invests In The Relationship

She uses her money to buy a recharge card on her phone and gives you a phone call. At times, she may call you for over twenty to thirty minutes with her credit.

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