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A young lady shares conversation she had with her boyfriend who doesn't want her to meet his Mum

A Nigerian lady share screenshots conversation she had with her fiancee to seek for advice from the public, what she wanted is to move their relationship a step ahead, but her fiancee claims to be a private person, he doesn't buy the ideal of introducing me to his Mum or sister, the girl said. I told my Mum, brother and sister about us already but he said he wasn't happy about me informing my family in our relationship, that I should have asked for his opinion first, he doesn't want to introduce me to any of his family member and he also don't want to be introduced too till we begin our marriage plans, I just want to know him well that's all, please I need advice because he is getting it wrong.

According to the girl.

We have been together for 2 years now, and I don't know anybody around him. Anytime I bring up this issue he always tells me he doesn't like the ideal, at least let me know who I'm dating, let me know his mom or any relatives.

According to the conversation;

The Lady wrote to him saying, "I want to know her" the guy then replied, "Relax, we are not rushing to anywhere". The lady replied him, "Nobody is rushing nowhere brush". Read full thread below.

My Opinion:

Well getting your girlfriend to know your Mum is not a bad ideal, mostly when she insist except there is something you have seen in her which she doesn't worth seeing your Mum and you don't want her to meet anybody because you know the relationship isn't gonna last long. You're no more a kid that your Mum will blast because you now have a girl, to me there is nothing to stopping you if you have the mind to marry her.

My advice for this Lady.

I would say you still be a little more patient with him, so long you're not facing pressure from your parents stay calm and relax, just watch him closely to know if there is something else behind his decision.

What do you advice this lady to do, what is your opinion on this issue, share with us using the comment section below.

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Stay safe.

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