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"Please Help me, This Pain Is Too Much” – Pretty Young Lady Cries For Help (Details)

In this life there are many things we do without vividly looking deeper into it. Many of the present mistake that people are facing are caused by past mistakes that are overlooked.

(Article for marriage educative post)

The person who haven't fallen sick before can't know what some patient pass through in life. Most time there are things will do that may have great repercussion in the future, but we appear to be carefree about it.

It's always advised that before you get married, a genotype test is important at least for the sake of the child that a couple may give birth to in the future. Many couple has overlooked the advice of medical expert about Genotype compatibility and proceed to marriage. The end result will definitely reflect of their child(Ren).

According to research, partners with AS or SS genotype are not supposed to get married to one another because of the likelihood of have an SS baby, but some couple with this genotype sometimes knowing or unknowingly get married and the child bears the brunt.

A young lady Identified as Mide has cried out for help after revealing that she is a sickle cell and presently experiencing many pains.

See Below:

As you can see from the photo, Mide is having a swollen stomach and feet. As beautiful as she looks the Genotype is now a problem in her life.

I pray that may the Lord lay his healing hands on her.

Before you married, please try to have a DNA test so that you won't suffer your future child or even waste money on taking care of such a child.

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AS Mide Ren SS


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