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Opinion: He Will Never Want To Leave You If You Keep Doing These Things

Ladies find it difficult to keep their man to themselves in a relationship. As a woman, you just continue to wonder why your relationship doesn't last even when you're doing everything possible to keep it. There are certain things you need to keep doing in a relationship If you don't want your man to leave you for somebody else.

Women are fond of saying any man who is willing to leave doesn't love them. In this article we would take a look at the things you need to keep doing if you want your man to stick with you.

1. Keep mute when he's angry

Men respect a woman who has this quality. A man might not tell you how much he admires you when you keep quiet at the point he's angry. It's very rare to find women of such quality and when a man does, he would never want to leave that woman. When you keep mute for an angry man, it doesn't mean you're a fool. What it means is that you can't afford to make get him more angry. A lady is meant to be the comfort zone of his man.

2. Appreciate him even when you realise he's not doing enough

Every man would always want to spend the rest of his life with a woman who makes him feel like a man. Most men out there battle with low-self esteem. If you're that woman that continues to remind him of his value, he wouldn't even think of leaving you.

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