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5 Ways To Know Your Girlfriend Doesn't Love You

1). She won’t sacrifice for you. Few things are as sacrificial as a woman in love. Look at a mom with her newborn–her love causes her to never question her sacrifice. So it is when a woman loves a man. She sacrifices for him (just as he should sacrifice for her). While many women could do better to be a little more “selfish” about their time and dreams, when a woman refuses to sacrifice for a man, it’s a clear sign she doesn’t love him. She might enjoy him. She might be using him. But she isn’t loving him.

2) She is very selectively romantic

When someone is leading you down the garden path and has only deception in mind they will make little or no efforts at romance. They might only be romantic with you when it serves their selfish desires and makes them feel loved. However, they will care very sparsely about what your romantic needs might be.

3) Alternatively, if you start agreeing with everything the she says, that's not a good sign. Both of you have likely stopped expressing your needs and the things that bother both of you because both of you have checked out When passion for the relationship is lost, the will to fight tends to go with it.

4) Unconcern

An authentic relationship sparks feelings of passion for each other. You’ll be curious, concerned, involved, etc in all that the other person does.

Someone who continuously acts indifferent isn’t engaged, likely detached, and unfit – not to mention unworthy – of a real relationship.

5) You Make All Effort To Come To Her

While it could be that she’s always busy, or it’s just easier for you to get to her, if it seems like you are the only one doing all the work to meet up with a girl, it’s another sign you’re not her priority and often means she doesn’t really care about your time.

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