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Men, 3 Major Indications You Satisfy Your Woman.

Satisfaction is the bedrock of every relationship. A female partner needs satisfaction in different areas of life. The joy of womanhood is the unreserved satisfaction she gets from her spouse. Everyone looks up to a partner that satisfies one's inclinations.

To be satisfied is to be fulfilled in a relationship. When a woman is satisfied, there are some indications that prove it. In this context, we mean all round satisfaction with bed related satisfaction paramount.

Here are some of the major indications:

1.Special attention to your feeding:

One of the ways women show appreciation to men is by preparing special dishes for them. Your stomach will be highly valued by your wife if you always satisfy her.

She knows you are what you feed on. She wants you to always remain strong and energetic for her at all times by carefully placing you on special diets.

When you see her go out her ways to feed you with the best of dishes, you seriously satisfy her. That is her own way of saying thank you, please remain healthy and strong for me!! 

2. Being protective and defensive:

Satisfaction in a relationship is not a common place; it is sought after by many. When a man is a satisfaction agent to his wife, she wouldn't let anything hurt or snatch him away from her. She has found a treasure of great worth and value.

There is a feminine shield of defence you would sense she has for you. She is always there to join you fight against any foe. She wouldn't allow you to suffer any assault from her family or her inlaws. You are been guarded jealously by her.

3. Setting of the stage for you:

You don't struggle to make her be in the mood. Because of the joy of being satisfied again, she usually initiates the whole process in the "other room". Who could it be that wouldn't love a repeat of some wonderful experiences?

Before you could know it, she had already lied in the bed waiting for you to join her. When this happens, it is a strong indication that you satisfy her.

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