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Reasons Why You Should Consider Having a Court Wedding

In Nigeria, getting married is often seen as a big and expensive affair that involves traditional weddings, engagement ceremonies, and other elaborate celebrations.However, court weddings is another way, for couples who want a simpler and more affordable wedding. A court wedding is a legal ceremony that takes place in a courthouse or registry, and it is recognized as a legally binding marriage. Here are some reasons why you should consider having a court wedding.

Legal recognition: A court wedding in Nigeria is legally recognized, which means that your marriage will be valid and recognized by the government. This can be particularly important if you want to ensure that your marriage is legally binding and recognized by all institutions, such as banks, schools, and government agencies.

Legal protection: A court wedding in Nigeria offers legal protection to both partners. If either partner dies, their assets and property are protected by law, and their spouse is entitled to inherit them. This can be particularly important if you have assets or property that you want to protect, or in a case where there is no will written.

No cultural or religious restrictions: A court wedding is not bound by cultural or religious restrictions. This means that you can get married regardless of your religion or ethnicity. It is a great option for couples who come from different backgrounds and do not want to be bound by traditional cultural or religious practices.

Privacy: A court wedding offers a lot of privacy for the couple. You do not need to invite a lot of people to the wedding, and you can keep the ceremony simple and intimate. This is a great option for couples who prefer a low-key wedding and do not want to deal with the stress of organizing a big event.

Less stress: Planning a traditional wedding in Nigeria can be very stressful, with many things to consider and plan, such as the guest list, venue, decorations, and catering. A court wedding is often less stressful, as there are fewer things to plan and organize. This can be particularly beneficial if you are a busy person or have a hectic work schedule.

Cost-effective: One of the most significant advantages of having a court wedding is that it is cost-effective. Traditional weddings in Nigeria can be expensive, with families spending millions of naira on the wedding ceremony and reception. However, a court wedding can cost a fraction of the price, making it a more affordable option for couples who are on a budget.

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