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How To Build a Good Reputation

Must Know For Everyone

As human, a lot of things we are able to do or not do in life, depend on our reputation.

What some people spend years to get, others, have people do it for them willing in days.

Having a good reputation will help you get things done, effortlessly and instantly.

If you want to build and maintain good reputation, this article is for you.

Make sure to read to the end. 

1. Show Kindness

Ever since the existence of man, kindness has been one of the most admirable qualities people like to see in others. If you want to get into the good books of others - show kindness.

Let your attitude show that you care, people will definitely see it. 

You should be aware of some people who will want to play on your intelligence, they want to take advantage of you being kind - never allow that

Don't let them stop you from being good to others. Instead, know them in their colour and treat them accordingly. 

Your kindness will draw people to you, they'll want to associate with you.

You'll be surprise the day you'll reap your kindness. Your reward can come in form of money, mostly it comes in form of things rearer than money - opportunity!

2. Do Not Judge Others

Abraham Lincoln, one of the greatest leaders of all time, understand the importance of not judging others.

If he's fond on making judgement, it is very likely he will not have been accorded that much respect.

Judging others gives you feeling of satisfaction for a while, keeping quiet in things not directly involving you can make you happy for the rest of your life.

A saying goes, "Judge others not, if ye not want to be judge." If you judge others you'll be judge. 

You show know that even when you decide not to judge others, others will judge you(It takes a high level of maturity to act wise).

If you are not fond of judging others, it will be rare for anyone to come harshly after you, even if they do, people will always be ready to back you.

There is no greater joy than seeing people passionately defending you, even people who you barely know - Trust me, I've been there. The feeling is out of this world.

Come to know that, deciding not to judge other is merely the starting point, sticking to your decision is where the work lies. It takes time to getting use to not being the "PERFECT JUDGE".

The need to judge people will always arise, the urge to judge will follow, if you can't be quiet and mind your business.

Instead of opening criticising people, be a critic (carefully state the good and areas in need of improvement).

Privately correct someone, most of the time when you criticise someone openly in the name of correcting them, if damages your reputation. Hardly do they get your point. 

Before doing anything, always remember, "what goes around comes around". Your statement few years ago, might hunt you in decades to come, just as they can exonerate you.

3. Respect Yourself

When building and maintaining a good reputation, the importance of respecting oneself can not be overstated.

There is a degree at which your self-respect will get to, you won't want to partake in some activities, this has nothing to do with what people think or feel, it's about how YOU feel.

When you truly respect yourself, you will not get involve in things that will degrade you. Behaviour like having no regard for anyone,will be far from what people know you for.

To be someone who is valuable and worthy of others vouch, you have to portray yourself well.

People have to see the respect you have for yourself in your actions. Having respect for oneself is clearly different from being pride.

People will only respect you when they see you respect yourself, they think of you as someone trustable when they respect you.

4. Own Up To Your Mistakes

Life is not always rosy, things won't always happen the way we want it.

Situations are always changing, one moment your in totally control, the next one, you're finding it real difficult maintaining balance.

As human, we're bound to make mistake. Being human, directly or indirectly you'll offend people, you'll step on toes and mess up big time.

You messing up intentionally or not, wouldn't really count, what will count is you accepting your wrong and sincerely feel sorry.

When you're genuinely sorry, people will know. They will feel your genuineness and forgive you. They will surely suspect if you're being insincere.

5. Associate With People Of Good Reputation

No matter how good you reputation is, the moment you started hanging out with people of bad reputation, you'll be categorized among them.

Remember the saying, "Birds of the same feather, flocks together."

You're subconsciously telling people the type of person person you consider you to be based on the type of people you move with.

If you want to command respect, relate with people who are well respected.

A sure way to getting oneself disgraced and given bad reputation, is by associating with people of bad reputation.

Thanks for coming this far.

You reading to the end, I believe you have been able to pick some points on how you can build and maintain a good reputation.

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