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Your Family or Your Work, Which Should You Put First?

We often have to choose between two or more things in life. Our decision on which of many things to choose is influence by so many factors. Most times, these things tend to create debate in our minds and our soul. In the end, the one that appears most important a particular time an on the long run usually end up as the one which we end up choosing. One such scenario of making choices to choose between one's family and ones work at one point or the other in life.

The discussion about which should come first between one's family and one's work has been on for a long time now. A lot of workers and family men and women find themselves in such positions the most. It is even a much more difficult situation when one work for a private establishment.

Personally, I am a teacher in a certain private school I would not mention. I can categorically tell you that to successfully get a day off work is as difficult as anything but the job expects you to abandon one's family or any other things whenever you are needed at work. At times, we fix parent and teachers meeting on a Saturday.

So, how do we compare these to know which to put first? Let's explore the importance of both for us to know which to put first.

The family.

The home is one's abode, one's place of rest, refuge and one's fortress. Your home probably consist of things you do outside the office. Your family as a married man, your parents as an unmarried person. Friends and neighbors and other people close to you.

It is important to note that as a man, if your home is not in good shape, you can't be in good shape at work either. A man or woman who is having issues with his or her spouse at home will most likely be affected at work. While little things may be the cause of such issues, your job cares little about them.

Some jobs take from a married person's personal time, energy and even resources at times. Yet, it won't allow such at its own expense.

When you go to work in the morning, remember that you are coming back home in the evening. You can't stay at work forever, but your home is forever. Your work may change anytime and any day, but your home or family remains almost for a lifetime.

Furthermore, before you got that job, there was your home. There will still be your home even after that job. Your job will most likely take more time from you, but it should not take out of the little reserved for the family. In fact, it should be family before work.

Your work is like your earth while your home is likened to the Christians heaven. You should treat it right.

Your work.

What peace shall we have if we have not eaten? What foot shall we eat it if we can not afford it? How shall we eat if we do not have money? How are we going to have money if we do not work? These questions show how important work is to our existence. There is no one on planet Earth that does not work.

If a job is giving you the cash required to set up a family, take care of friends and meet your daily feeding, why would you not put it first? Even it you own an establishment, hard work is required to keep it functional.

Maybe it is a bit difficult if you work for someone and even more difficult if such a person is the ever demanding one. In fact, some jobs can require the whole of a person's 24 hours in a day. Take a look at soldie8for example, they go on missions that takes weeks, months and at times years to complete.

In such scenario as the servicemen and women, it is even more of a service than a job. These jobs require a person to leave his home, family, neighbors and friends. After all, why does a man world work? Isn't it to be able to take care of himself, family and friends? So, if a person puts his or her work first, it is for the same of the family.

Therefore, we tend to give more time to work than to family. But, the reason for doing that is because of family and friends. As such, family appears to triumph. Whichever way you look at it, the reason why you give more attention and time to one is because of the other.

In conclusion, I can't categorically tell you to put either of the two first or second. Instead, I can advise you all that whichever one requires your time at a particular time should be put first. If both require your time at the same time, use your discretion and manage the situation. But remember, your work can change any time not your home.

If you give up one for one, you shoud to be prepared to face the consequences. The reason is that both your work and your home are as important as each other. However, you can always get another job if you lose one because of your family. On the other hand, a family is almost one in a life time. To get another family if one is lost is close to impossible as it can't be done in a day, a job can change in one day.

What is your take on the matter in this article? Which do you suggest that should be put first?

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