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15years Old Boy Reveals Chats Of How Disrespectful His Relationship With 17years Old Girl Is.

In our society today, relationship is something ideal both for the young and for the old. Everyone needs companionship, mentorship, someone to lean on. Sometimes age are being set aside when it comes to relationship.

This is about the relationship between Erongs a 15years old boy who is currently dating a secondary school female classmate right from the SS2 who is 17years currently.

Erongs who made his chat public stated that they have been through a lot right from the day they started dating.

Despite having a girlfriend who is more aged than he is, everything was moving fine, no one was disrespecting each other.

See the screenshots below!

It all started like this!

"My girl friend visits me regularly, but I haven't visited her for one day due to the way my father behaves, my father has been over protective of I and my sister from the very day he broke up and separated with my mom, though when my girlfriend visits, my father does nothing. But my girlfriend's father is has been the one putting our relationship in chaos. It all started when my girlfriend invited me over the senior sister's wedding ceremony which I was willing to attend, my girlfriend and other of her sisters invited their boyfriends too so as to introduce them to their parents but due to my Father's autocratic and strict behaviour I was infact unable to attend the wedding. Right from that day was the day my girlfriend's father swore to the daughter never too see me around her. Infact I don't know what to do, sometimes my girlfriend's father punishes the daughter whenever I'm spotted with her, she's beinh starved and done all sort of things just for her to stay clear from me. I most of the times sends money to her just to eat because the father has ordered nobody to give her food in the house, sometimes I become furious and feel like taking her to live with me but recalling my dad's behavior on the other hand am demoralized. Yes!, We are both teenagers, infact I'm more younger than her and her father is persuading her to break up with me, I'm dump founded!"

These teenagers needs candid advice on how to keep their relationship going as they love each other so much.

kindly drop a comment below giving your best suggestions for the progress of this relationship.


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