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Divorce Affair

Married Couples and the World of Cheating

Cheating is one of the top challenges couples face in their marriages. You may not necessarily lie with a woman or a man in bed. if you see yourself hiding some things like text messages, hiding to receive a call, or deleting your chat with the opposite gender, it may be seen as cheating.

To some, cheating is normal and to others, it is not. Some may even justify it if the situation that led to it is "legit". By legit they mean if your wife is denying you herself or your husband cheated on you with another woman and to them, you are free to give him a payback. I must tell you my mind which I believe is in line with our morals. There is no amount of things your spouse will do to you that should make you cheat on him/her. You may not like how it sounds, but that is the fact.

Except it is a forced or arranged marriage in which parents bring someone for their son to marry. Otherwise, I strongly believe that couples used to have the time they spend with each other, a period we called dating or courtship. This is the period lovers use to develop greater and deeper feelings for each other. A period of time your lover use to make his/her findings about you before finally concluding that you are the right one for him/her.

Now when you cheat on him/her, all the trust he/she has for you will be affected and in most cases, it may take long before he/she will be healed. That is if that never happened.

When next you have any urge to cheat on your spouse, remember that you are not just cheating on him/her, you are cheating on the trust in you, you are telling the other person that your spouse is not good enough and that you can not be satisfied. You are cheating on your reputation and you are cheating with a man who may never allow his wife to do the same. You are cheating on your ability to stand and pass good morals to other married women, you are cheating on your family's reputations because if it goes wrong, they will be affected.

Let these thoughts take over your whole mind. Let it dictate your next move and control your decision. Imagine being able to say, "ever since I married my spouse, no other man has touched me or I have not climbed another woman". In a world where people think otherwise. You will be well respected among married people.

Cheating on your spouse has serious negative effects on your spouse's trust, feelings, and emotions for you. The world may see cheating as normal but it may break your spouse forever. Remember, you never took the oath to please and care for the world before the altar, you took the oath to love and care for him/her before God and people. Going against the vows you made before God may attract spiritual and physical punishment.

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