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6 Things Your Man Secretly Hopes You Tell Him

We often encounter women who say they have certain specific, clear, uncompromising and unchanging standards and if their partner can not do it, they will better go further and find someone who can give them what they deserve. Perfectly it makes perfect sense to have some standards that you think are right for you.

A woman knows what she deserves and should be treated accordingly. A man cannot have intercourse with her and attack her as if she has nothing to say. On the other hand, women should not forget that it is their responsibility to treat their partners with respect and ensure happiness and satisfaction. You can not keep asking for everything to give nothing in return.

Women need to consider the desires and needs of their partner. This is generally a difficult task. Men are usually not very open about their feelings. They often do not express themselves openly and find it difficult to talk about their wishes and desires. Usually women have to play the detective when deciphering the condition, desires and needs of their partner. It is essential to understand that men are more vulnerable than women. They find it difficult to tell their partner about their feelings. They do not want to be so vulnerable by their partners.

This is why they choose to often remain mothers. They ask for nothing because they are afraid of being portrayed as needy or highly dependent. Men are also vulnerable, but their stubborn nature does not allow them to accept it, at least not so easily. It is a woman's responsibility to understand the needs and desires of her partner. Treat them the way they want to be treated. Men also deserve to be spoiled sometimes.

It is rightly said that communication is the key to a healthy relationship. A relationship in which both partners talk about their problems and discuss everything stays together longer than those who do not communicate effectively. There are always some things to understand even if your husband is not talking about it.

Sometimes a man wants you to be cheese with him, sometimes, after a bad day, he wants you to comfort them. He will not ask for all this, but you have to be smart and sensitive when you know how to pronounce the words he wants to hear, words that make him feel better. Here are some things to say to a man. If you say these things often, then you are already in the right books.

1. How are you doing?

Men are not quick to tell about their problems. Sometimes you need to force them a little, lovingly, put them down easily and give them space to talk about their day or their problems. A little push can sometimes be positive and healthy. Women often need to remind their friends that it is okay to put your thoughts on the table, you will understand and support them. They are not alone when they have you as their life partner.

2. I feel as confident as I am with you

For a man, nothing is better than knowing that his girlfriend or wife feels protected and safe when they are with them. There is nothing they can not grasp if their girlfriends / husbands support them. A man feels satisfied when he learns that even though his partner is independent, she still needs his support and care.

3. I believe in you

Every time your partner is feeling bad and has a difficult time at work, let them know that you believe in him, regardless of the circumstances. He will enjoy the support you are offered. These words will calm him down and motivate him to fight against all expectations. He should know that his mistress will believe in him, despite his shortcomings and imperfections.

4. Let's go to town tonight

Women enjoy it when men plan a date for them. They expect men to take the first step. However, if the roles are reversed and women take the initiative and plan a date or hangout with their partners, men will be pleased. They will feel extraordinary and will appreciate this beautiful effort made for them. Men do not need expensive gifts to be happy, they feel satisfied with the small steps they have taken to make them think that someone cares about them.

5. I am always thankful you are there

Your husband should be appreciated. You have to make him feel worthy. Some kind words can contribute to his confirmation as a good friend / man and a human being. He must think his daughter is happy with him. She is more than happy to be with him. This will make him better and keep him happy.

6. I love you more than anyone

Nobody likes to share their loved ones with anyone. Therefore, let a man know that he is the only one you love and that you love him more than anything essential. Not only will he feel special, but he will also be happy that his daughter wants nothing and nobody more than he wants. It will certainly give butterflies. A couple should not miss a chance to express their love for each other. Maintains a healthy and healthy relationship.

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