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Compatiblity and Chemistry in Relationship

Having chemistry and compatibility in a relationship with someone are not always same.


Compatibility can be describe as having an authentic connection with a partner who you admire.

There are many shapes and size to relationship, no matter the flavor every relationship either have Compatibility and chemistry. Compability takes many form in a relationship it can be felt in all moment of everyday life, for someone like me, we need more, we yearn for more than companionship. When you are dating someone you are not compatible with, it's obvious by biting into a pieces of spoilt fruit. that is discomfort is possible to ignore.


Chemistry can be describe as a complex emotional or psychological interaction between two people it can cause a couple or two people dating to feel passionate and attracted.

Chemistry is like rhythm you either have it or you don't. You can't force or create chemistry between two people, chemistry exists solely as an invisible force that is either present or non existent. If you don't have chemistry in your relationship it means that relationship won't work out, chemistry is like and engine that makes the relationship or marriage work. When you have chemistry with someone in a relationship, you feel it.

Compatibility and chemistry are mostly ignored by dating advice because their are things that can't be faked o rchanged. Instead we spend time to studying self improvement, and the techniques of mastery it.

Determine what feels right and strive for that it may be solely someone you are compatible with or have a chemistry with. Whatever it is that makes you happy find it and never let it go.

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