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Why I don't want to get married to The Igbos.

The Igbo's is one of the tribe I adore so much in Nigeria. They happen to be a unique people but some interesting customs and cultures.

The Igbo people are found in southern Nigeria, with a population of about 40million in Nigeria, they are one of the biggest and influential tribes.

The Igbo's are well known to be entrepreneurial endowed, the are hard working people I that is why I love them so much you you hardly see an Igbo man begging.

With all this there are still some traditions that will make me not to get get married from there and this are:

1. Igbo Marriage Custom Of Fund Solicitation.

This is one of Nigerian marriage customs that has over the years raised up a lot of debate and has affected a lot of potential suitors from marrying the person they desire. The Igbo tribe has a peculiar expensive marriage procedure where a list of items must be presented before the marriage can take place. Aside from cash that is required, these gift items can cost up to N500,000 and it gets more expensive if the girl is a bachelors degree holder or has acquired masters or doctorate degree. This has led to a collapse in a lot of courtships after the man realizes he cannot meet up with the requirements to marry due to high demands from the lady’s extended family.

2. Igbo custom of not marrying until the eldest is married.

The Igbo family believes that marriage should follow in order of seniority. The eldest son/daughter should get married first before the second, then third, just like that. After considering all these, many men who find themselves in such situation decide to either postpone the idea of marriage till their elders have tied the knots or go ahead without the blessings of their family. And in the case where the situation applies to a girl, most men prefer to leave her and marry outside such tribes, if they can’t wait for her sisters to get married.

Since change is constant I just hope they change from some this traditions and go for the revolving world style what do you think??

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