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Engagement and traditional marriage

Engaging to a person and going ahead with traditional marriage is not enough, but the commitment of each partner to each other,.the leaving of his parent by the man and union with his wife can only be done when the marriage ceremony, otherwise called wedding is solemnized in the church by a priest,marriage is the union of a man and woman with God as a witness, so many people thinks thinks that being married is an easy thing to do.

There is a saying that says, marriage is easy when your love for your partner is real. So being engaged to a person and traditional marriage is done without wedding and the commitment and vow in front of the alter and congregation is not a good assurance to your partner.

We should make the good decision when it comes to marrying someone, marriage is a holy thing both in the sight of God and human beings,there is no need for marriage without the deep love from the heart and when getting married, we should perform all the necessary things that should be done.

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