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Remembering The Nigerian Woman Who Gave Birth To Twin At The Age Of 68

Are you in any way doubting or giving up or losing hope in your present situation? Then read this article and you will be touched how a Nigerian Woman at the age of 68 gave birth and not just gave birth, also she gave birth to a twin.

This article is purposely for everyone who is tired of their present situation.

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On April, a Nigerian woman whose name was Margaret Adenuga and her husband Noah gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl at the maternity ward of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital in Lagos, Nigeria.

Before Margaret was able to deliver she had to go through three previous IVF procedures before finally having twins.

Her husband Noah Adenuga, 77, told CNN that they had been married for 48 years, had long desired to have a child of their own. But yet they never gave up and they kept on trying and finally God decided to surprise them with two kids- a boy and a girl.

The babies were delivered via caesarian section at 37 weeks.

The top lesson to learn from this is to never give up. keep on pushing harder and God will reward everyone of us.

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