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Husband and wife relationship

Making Your Marriage To Stand The Test Of Time

Sustaining a marriage is not an easy task because no two individuals are the same. There are however basic dos and don’ts that can help to keep your home afloat. Let us look at things to avoid and things to promote in order to make your marriage work.

Let us begin with habit that should be avoided in a home. You should avoid exercising undue control over your spouse. The habit of forcing your better half to always do your bidding should be avoided. Husbands should stop using money to control their wives. Similarly, wives desist from using sex to control their husband. It is inhumane to force your spouse to do or refrain from doing something because it is your wish. The habit of saying, “my wife should not cook okra because I don’t like it” is not good for a family.

Now let us consider the habits that should be promoted. First and foremost, you have to understand that one of the reasons for marriage is companionship. You therefore need to make yourself an able companion of your spouse. Your wife/husband should be your best friend. In order to be able to achieve this, you should not allow a third party into your affairs.

Strong companionship will lead to spousal love care. You need to show love and care to your better half. I know quite well that with time, you get used to each other that you find it unnecessary to show affection. I must tell you this: always try to treat your spouse like you did when you were still courting. This will further strengthen your bond. You also need to care about his personal wellbeing. Do not let your work or ministry prevent you from taking good care of the love of your life.

Finally, you need to cheer up your partner. To this end you have to appreciate him/her even for the small things. Husband, appreciate your wife for “cooking good meal”; wife, appreciate your husband whenever he gives you a hand or provide for the family.

In this way, your home will stand the test of time.


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