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What Is The Average Time It Takes For A Lady To Fall In Love?

Women fall in love differently from men. It will be difficult to ascertain the normal duration of time for a woman to fall in love with a man.

However, there are some factors that women consider before deciding to open their hearts for a man.

She first examines the personality of the man before she can even say she's in love with him or not.

If the man is respectable and impressive with the way he presents himself, she would like to take things further with him.

If she likes his physical appearance, this can make her want to give him a chance, but his personality will determine when the lady starts falling in love.

Women usually listen to their feelings. It doesn't matter how long a man has been communicating with her, if she doesn't have feelings for him, she can't fall in love.

It takes a long time for a woman to declare her love for a man. Whereas, a man can confess his love to a woman after a month of meeting her just to win her heart.

A lot of women think of security before considering falling in love with a man.

They will try to find out first if they are emotionally and physically safe with the man.

They will take their time to choose a man who will protect her from harm or heartbreak over a man who is spending money on her.

If a woman meets a man's family, and she likes them, she likes his relationship with his siblings, she might quickly fall in love with him.

Meeting his family can give her details about the kind of man he is.

A lot of women find it difficult to develop an interest in a man who has not yet spent quality time with them. This will determine how long it will take her to fall in love.

Building a solid connection with a woman can take weeks or months depending on various factors.

It's rare to see a woman who will confess true love for a man who has not built a strong connection with her first.

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