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Husband and wife relationship

Reno Omokri Reveals What A Woman Needs To Have Before Getting Married

Reno Omokri has shed some light on what a woman needs to have before getting married. According to him, a woman needs to have a business or job before getting married. Why is this very important?

Having a job or a business makes a woman independent. As a woman, you should be able to provide for yourself before rushing into marriage. A man would always appreciate a wife who shows herself to be an asset rather than a liability.

When a woman can't even afford the cheapest items before getting married, she's definitely bound to lose some value when she gets married. Your husband might be providing it all, but would get frustrated at some point in the marriage.

When you have a business of your own or a job that is generating a monthly income for you, then you wouldn't even be forced to marry someone who is rich but you don't love.

Reno said: "Dear women, It is good to have a business or a job before you marry. Because a woman without an income is more likely to say yes to a man she does not love, and spend the rest of her life existing instead of living. Go into marriage, not bondage".

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Reno Omokri


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