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Reasons Why Parents Should Teach Their Children How To Pray

Offering Prayer is an essential part of our lives and offering prayers to the almighty God or whom we believe in, is a sign if respect and humbleness. 

Prayers is an excellent way of bringing your children closer to yourself and what you believe in. Different religions have the way they offer their prayers, and the way you pray should be passed on to your kids.

Having a prayer life can put your manners in check because the place of prayers offered on a daily will help to humble you and restructure your mind via the repetition of some words.

It doesn't just put your manners in check, it also brings out the honesty, peacefulness, and calmness in every individual who engage genuinely in offering prayers. 

Now, teaching your children the importance of prayer and teaching them how to pray will guide them as they grow up into becoming adults.

Their ways of life will shape itself because of the doctrines of the most religions, and what their guide book teaches. 

Children easily pick things and if they see their parents doing it every time they would like to do it even at their lone time. So, teaching them how to pray will bring out so many things in them.

1. It will guide them and help them guide themselves. 

 2. It will help them have manners

 3. It will show them the way of peace and love

 4. It will give them sense of belongings 

 5. It will help them grow in humility 

 6. It will help their spiritual growth 

 7. It will make them more respectful and responsible 

 8. It will give them cultural values.

Prayer is essential and teaching children to pray at an early age is one of the best ways to direct a child. 

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