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For Lovers: Why You Should Close Your Eyes While Kissing

There are some people who prefer closing their eyes when kissing while some others prefer to open it. It is however a subjective opinion but here for reasons why couples should close their eyes while kissing

They are

1. Let the lips do the talking

After you must have talked for a long period of time, it is important that you allow your lips to continue the talking. That's why you should close your eyes while kissing and allow your lips do the communication. It is a way to express intimacy that no words can articulate.

2. It is a sign of pleasure

It is however normal for us to close our eyes when we are doing something pleasurable and commanding. While we pray, sleep, listen to beautiful songs e.t.c we often close our eyes because they are pleasurable. However, it is a sign of pleasure to close your eyes when kissing.

3. It is a sign of Trust

When you close your eyes while kissing, it shows that you really trust your partner and you are ready to give everything to him or her. You're not afraid whether they are doing something in secret while kissing, but you are confident that your partner feels the way you feel. So, therefore, show your partner that you trust him or her by closing your eyes while kissing.

4. It is a sign of surrender

It simply shows that you're ready to surrender everything to your partner when you close your eyes while kissing. It shows that you are not being forced to do it or you're not fighting with your partner but it is from your heart and you are not reluctant. You need to make him realize that you are giving him everything he needs, by closing your eyes when kissing.

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