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Four Questions To Avoid Asking Your Old Friends When You Meet At A Reunion - Reno Omokri

It is not out of place to find old school mates either from secondary school or university organising a reunion long after they have graduated from school. The reunion is a social gathering of people who once shared same interest. These people who probably were once together physically in a particular place and time usually long for same gathering to not just meet and greet again, but to also create an atmosphere that would bring back good old memories.

Well! School reunions are the commonest forms of reunion in this part of the world. Tendencies are that when people meet at such gatherings, they might be tempted to initiate conversations with old time friends. However, Reno Omokri a popular Nigerian social media commentator and former aide to former president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has opined that there are four questions you must avoid asking your old friends when you meet at a school reunion. These questions include;

1. What are you doing now?

2. Where do you live?

3. Are you married?

4. Do you have kids and how many do you have?

According to Reno, these questions are competitive in nature and most times people ask them with the aim of knowing who is ahead of them and who isn't. Well! According to him, rather than ask competitive questions, why not ask people about their well-being and welfare, reminisce about the past, and ask about the welfare of other old friends who couldn't make it to the reunion and say something good about them. In his final words of which I concur, reunions are meant to foster unity and not competition amongst friends.

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Nigerian Reno Omokri


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