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Dear parent, please don't allow your kids to watch this movies

Parent should be mindful with the kind of movies your kids watch, some movies is not suitable for kids. This kind of movies contain irrelevant content which is very bad for kids to watch. If parent is not careful with the kind of movies they watch with their kids. It will corrupt their mindset, which can lead to doing what ever they view from the movie.

Parent should always watch the kind of movies they view with kids. Because an African says that " Charity begins at home".

Below are some movies that if come across on television shouldn't be allowed to be watch by kids :

If you come across this movie title "365 days" please never allow your kids to watch!!!!

"If spit on your grave" is also a movie that is not suitable for kids

Parents, if you also come across a movie title "Blue the warmest color" beware of this movie it has high rated content that can destroy the mindset of kids. Be warn!!!

So parent this movies mention above is not suitable for kids to view.

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