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As parents you need to know this before naming your child: popular names and their strange meaning.

Names as a noun means a word or set of words, by which a person, thing, or object is known as, referred to and addressed as.

Names serves as adornment to we humans and, it is our personal jewelry and adds to our uniqueness.

In Nigeria and the World today, Parents derive joy in giving names to their offsprings. They take this tasks serious, that if it doesn't mean something nice for their child then they don't want it.

Although it can be sometimes difficult when trying to name a child, but the after results can be a source of joy, happiness and fulfillment to the parents soul.

In this article below I'll be listing some popular names that are quite popular and have gorgeous attachment to them, but have an outright bad meaning to it.

So if you're a parent that love good names and believe in names affecting your offsprings, I'll advice you to steer clear of these names below:

1. Lola.

You were surprised right, that how did this beautiful name make the list. Well yes, Lola is actually an adorable name, and much of the World agrees to it as it's popularly given to girls around the World— it currently thanks #239 in the number of top 1,000 most popular girls’ names in the World. But Lola is a short form of the Spanish name Dolores, which means “sorrows.” Shocking right but true.

2. Mallory.

This popular English name Mallory means actually means “unfortunate” or “bad luck.” Although it is quite popular, I'll advice against giving your baby girl this name, because who wants his/her child bear an unfortunate name, no one right.

3. Deborah.

When I came across this, I was actually shocked. This name is quite popular amongst chtistains and is actually a name I like. It is even mentioned in the holy Bible.

This name is from an Hebrew word and it means bee. Yes, the insect bee is the meaning of that name.

4. Mara.

Were you shocked that this popular name is in this list, well yes. Mara was mentioned in the Bible and it means "Bitterness". So you might want to have a rethink before naming your child this moniker.

5. Caleb.

And another name makes the list, this one is actually for boys. This name came from the Hebrew word kelev which stands for "Dog" parents you might actually want to have a rethink before giving your children this names, as there is a saying that goes " Your name portrays who you are".

So let's be guided please.

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This is actually part 1 I'll be doing researches on other names too.


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