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Reactions As Lady Explains Why People Should Not Give Their Best At Interviews (Photos)

There are so many things happening in the world and all can be classified as either good or bad. These are mostly the works of humans in relation to one another throughout their lives.

Searching for a job in any part of the world can be very demanding especially when people have a lot to offer with their education and talent. Yet they do not get hired due to one reasons or another.

Earlier, a lady named Bethany Louise has taken to Twitter page to rant about the irrational behavior of company owners/interviewers against job seekers in the world.

Bethany explained why it is best not to give your best ideas at interview because, you may not get hired despite rigorous recruitment processes but in a short while you will get to see your best idea being used by them to make their organizations great.


A lot of people have been victims of this act around the world and because they do not have powers over the situation, they get robbed off their ideas.

Surprisingly those ideas would turn out to be a life changing one for the companies and its owners. Invest in your great ideas, it may not pay so fast but definitely would with time, hard work and consistency.

However, here are some reactions from Twitter users as they support Bethany's motion:

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