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Men Only : 4 steps to woo any lady of your choice

Men Only : 4 steps to ask out any lady of your choice.

Asking a beautiful lady out might seem like a daunting task whereas it's relatively easy. Every lady has a password that will surely make her fall for you. Most men develop cold feet due to one major thing which is call the fear of rejection. 

Dear men, it's normal to feel nervous wooing a lady you know or one you've never met before. One thing need to believe is that if you don't make a move on the lady you're interested in, you might never have her and it will definitely hurt you seeing her with another guy later. 

If you're a man who's always scared of approaching ladies and you're shy to talk about it or haven't gotten help, then you need not worry no more. Here are 4 ways to ask out any lady of choice. Give them a trial and thank me later.

1. Be positive minded and make a move immediately

This is one of the most important things you should have at the back of your mind. When you sight a pretty lady and you think you should ask her out, you must eliminate that nervousness that tends to come over. 

How do you eliminate it? You should know that the worst thing the lady will do is to tell you she's not interested. She won't slap or kill you. So having this at the back of your mind makes you feel at ease and don't wait for long before you approach her. 

Waiting long before you make a move builds that fear in you so just walk up to her in a polite manner, say hi and follow up with a greeting or compliment.

2. Maintain eye contact and smile often

The purpose of maintaining eye contact is to send her signals that you're really interested in her and you're confident in yourself. Make eye contact very well but don't overdo it so you won't make her feel uneasy. 

Wooing a lady and putting on a long face will turn her off in no time so ensure you put on that lovely smile. You must not overdo this at well 

3. Hit the nail on the head 

You need to express yourself well to the lady but keep in mind that first impressions last long. You don't need to rehearse any lines or words to say to the lady just free your mind and say it how it comes. 

Don't start saying I love you immediately because if you do she'll just see you as the serious type though it might make some ladies blush but not a large percentage.

4. Get her number and wrap things up.

Now, you've just wooed a beautiful lady and you made a good first impression on her. You'll definitely want to talk to her some other time so ask for her digits so you guys can further the conversation. 

Some girls might be like "I don't give my numbers to strangers". Press further and she'll definitely give you her phone number as this is a sign that she likes you.

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