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Three Reasons Why Your Partner Always Takes You For Granted

Sometimes we feel we are not wanted, maybe because we are not pleasing enough and we are haven't don't much for our partners or the people around us. My dear, you shouldn't be fooled you can never please enough and no matter how much you try you, your partner or people around us can never get satisfied. If you are feeling terrible because of the manner your partner is relating with you, you are on the right track.

There are major reasons why our partners take us for granted, these reasons may not be known by us because we don't see them as a causing agent so we neglect them. In this article, we will be discussing three major reasons why our partners take us for granted. Most everybody faces the problem of being taken for granted because it not only limited to our partners alone but people around us also. So if you are reading this article, you shouldn't limit them to your partners but people around you also.

Below are the reasons why you are being taken for granted:

#1. The "Yes" ☑️ problem.

Most people don't appreciate saying no to people, they just can say "No." Most times, they feel bad when they say no to people. If the above is your case, it may be the reason you are been taken for granted. When you "yes" to people, it means you have given them the full privilege of getting what they ask for, so when saying yes, you should consider the things they are requesting from you. Learn not to say "yes" to things that are above your capability and don't think about how the person may feel about it. This will make them respect your opinion and nobody will crucify you for making the right decision. You should always consider yourself before others, this will help you gain respect and nobody will want to ride you.

#2. Always doing before they ask

Doing things that are pleasing to others is nice but doing too much can turn into something else. Doing things for people all the time will make them not to regard as an important person because to them you have no value. Learn to make people ask for your help especially in things that worth it. It will help build self-confidence in you. And nobody will take you for granted because you do things you wish to do not because they ask for it but because you want to do it.

#3. Hoping on people - showing them that you can't do without them

My dear, depending on what people do for you, isn't the best lifestyle to live because they will not value you. Dependence kills, it destroys your self-worth and you will always beg people for aid. My dear to prevent being taken for granted you have to be an independent person. Your partner may be a nice person but depending on him or her for everything may make him/her take you for granted because they know you can't do without them.

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