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Dear women, Never Make These Mistakes in Your Next Relationship

We can't in any capacity avoid making mistakes, that is the thing that makes us human. The following are some common mistakes women should avoid making in their Relationships. 

1. Never take advantage of the man that loves you. This is something most women are fond of doing, when they see that a man is genuinely in love with them, they will start taking advantage of him. You shouldn't make him regret Loving you. 

2. Avoid flirting with different guys especially when you are in a relationship. 

most times, most women don't regard this as a mistake because they always feel their boyfriend will understand. most men are jealous and will not take this attitude as funny. 

3. lack of gratitude. most ladies do this mistake almost every time. whenever a man does something nice for you, he will expect some gratitude from you.

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