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OPINION: What should I do, my girlfriend nags alot and I want to call it a quit, after 6 years

Please readers, this guy needs a candid advice either to quit or stay in this relationship.

According to him; I think life hasn't been fair to me, after courting this girl for six good years and when I think is now time to settle down her expression makes me feel she isn't ready yet. How long should I wait?

To make things worse, she nags and complains about the nature of my work. Am a teacher by profession and she's a tailor by occupation can't we live a happy life fending for ourselves with whatever comes at the end of the month? For crying out loud, am not jobless.

She insists that I meet my younger brother who is wealthy to help me sort out a good job before we get married. In a situation where your blood treats you with discord and you value your self respect explaining things to her doesn't even make things any better.

Before now, our relationship has been quite unstable we have parted ways and reunited quite a number of times. Am sick and tired of this.

A toxic relationship is not what I bargained for initially. She was quite calm and loving when we first met. Our love story was something that you would be envious about. But now, it's a mess. Experiencing this, am depressed emotionally.

Taking a girl to your family, is a thing of joy to any girl who wants to settle down and is interested in making her lover her life partner. Her case is quite complex, when I raise this kind of issue she says "No" and her no is final. Can a lady be this rigid?

I don't know what to do anymore, some of my family members are insisting that I call it a quit with this lady.

What should I do, please I need your help.

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